About Us

Worldeducationsites.com is an online directory of the educational websites that aims to make academic information easily accessible to everyone on the web. It lists all the educational websites of the world, including websites of universities, colleges, schools and websites related to career options, distance learning, online education and many more.
The aim of Worldeducationsites.com is to guide you through the web and also to emerge as an active platform for students, teachers and education service providers. It is similar to Wikipedia. Wikipedia provides information through write-ups but Worldeducationsites.com provides information through websites.

What are the features of Worldeducationsites.com?

  • Worldeducationsites.com is a platform that allows users to submit sites related to education. A site can be submitted only once but the details of the site so submitted will be open to the online visitors for editing and updations.
  • For the submitted website of an educational institute like a university or a college, it provides all the relevant information about that institute such as location, courses offered, fee structure etc.
  • A webpage of an institute can be owned by any authorized person from that institute and after that only the authorized person will be allowed to edit or update the details about that institute.